Planning an adventure

We are currently in planning stage for our next big adventure. Planned for the end of September 2019 .

Planning for us involves a lot of coordinating. Who will come ? Emma now at University will likely stay home which means we don’t need to book the animals in for boarding. Otherwise it’s vaccinations for the cats and a cattery which Lilly actually enjoys.  Of course there is the boy’s schools to notify and teachers to discuss any work that may need to be done.

Places to visit, overnight stays, fuel stops and of course when travelling with two boys food stops.  The kids have a say in where we should go and what they might like to see, we get them to google and look for places they mike like to visit. This helps give Hamish who has Asperger’s an idea of where we will be headed and what he can expect.

The destination of this trip is the Gold coast for hopefully 3 weeks of fun , theme parks are top of the list as well as catching up with relatives and a visit to the surf outlets.  We will be driving and taking along the camper trailer which will be home for the trip.  On the way up and back the requests so far are:

Blue mountains, Canberra and the national war museum, Melbourne and the street art, Gundagai, Tamworth maybe, Coffs Harbour and the list will continue to grow. It’s looking like at least a 6 week round trip at this stage. Stewart would love to head to Fraser island so we will see if we can manage that one financially and time wise.

So in the meantime we are fine tuning the camper trailer, which we have only used twice to date, this involves day trips to MT Crawford where we an set it up while the kids and dog explore. Lots and lots and lots of googling. Studying photos and reading reviews twice. Stewart will draw out pictures take measurements and redo it all again at least three times before any modifications are made.  I’ll be in charge of the packing and working out what we will and won’t need and where it will go. With two growing boys space is at a premium and they are both hitting growth spurts again. The days of packing the car floor up to the seat have long gone as they are filled with long legs and size 11 shoes.

I have to admit the planning can be just as fun as the trip, I secretly enjoy it, it creates conversation between everyone. The learning opportunities that we create are invaluable for both boys who have learning difficulties. Emma joins in as we discuss her flying to join us somewhere for a few days. The whole family comes together to save money and plan exciting adventures.

trip idea.png


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