sometimes it just goes wrong

It doesn’t always go to plan, and on the weekend we experienced frustration with trying to sort out a new set up.

We headed up to Chalks campground to see if we could set up a temporary tent set up with double annexes and the kids room. Well things just didn’t fit and we couldn’t figure it out. 44416397_10156100904993737_9028472395261804544_o (1)

While trying to problem solve Lachlan decided he needed me every 5 minutes despite having a ton of space and the freedom to explore. The dog tied himself up in knots on his rope. Frustration grew and since Sunday sleep has been minimal while we try to figure out in our heads what went wrong. No doubt we will be back out on the weekend because it will have gotten the better of us all.

Of course when we started to pack up before we ran out of daylight the mozzies decided to gate crash. Now these things were huge so we bundled the boys in the car with strict instructions not to open the doors and let mozzies in. Stew and I are now itching like crazy from bites.

Another reason for the do not open the door warning is due to the kids having this amazing talent of flattening my car battery every single time we go to Mt Crawford. They sit in my car with door open, music on and whatever else they feel the need to do while we start the set up. Of course it’s not like we can go to the nearest servo for a jump start. I think the best experience of flat batteries happened when we held Lachlan’s birthday at a private campground in Mt Crawford, time to go, my car wouldn’t start, Emma’s car wouldn’t start and then she got herself bogged and had to be jumpstarted again. Stew now carries a spare battery and leads when we head up.


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