Heading to QLD, Adelaide to Hay

It’s 4am and we have hooked up our trusty MDC Camper and are heading to Queensland for a few weeks,

Our first overnight stop will be in Hay NSW.  Tony the Ironman cleverly disguised as our Holden Colarado is giving us a nice comfortable ride. We head out while its dark hoping to get to Mildura before the kids wake in the backseat, our only problem is 1 child slept for 10 minutes then kept us amused with his gibberish until we hit Renmark for a toilet stop and leg stretch, This is where we woke Hamish who had selpt the entire time.

Lachie took great delight in running up and down the fence line over a property and having the dogs follow him back and forth , once we had all stretched visited the toilet , we loaded back up for Breakfast at Mildura.

Our next stop on the journey was then Balranald where we stopped, had some lamingtons and enjoyed the information centre. This place is great, they have toilets, showers for those who free camp there, a tourist information centre, cafe, playground and some history and also the frogs , Balranald is home to the Endangered Southern bell frog and they certainly celebrate it , with frog sculptures along the main road, when we arrived there was quite a bit of works happening along the main road in so we didn’t manage to snap a pic of the frogs. The  boys enjoyed the skate park without any skates etc they jest enjoyed running up and sliding down the ramps and it kept them occupied for a while.

We then headed back to the car to start the journey through the Hay plains, we spotted emus to keep ourselves occupied. The Hay plains is pretty lacking in anything to look at, but you can always rely on a set off roadwork traffic lights set up to keep you amused .

Once in hay we stayed in the BIG4 Hay Caravan Park, its only a small park, but its clean and tidy and has all you need, the camp kitchen is clean, the tv kept the boys occupied while we cooked dinner and despite the pleas of Lachie we didn’t go for a dip in the pool.

That night we headed 17 Km’s out of Hay to the Sunset viewing area for some beautiful pictures of the sunset without interference from any lights, it was truly beautiful and of course the scene of the first accident with Lachlan getting a splinter.




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