Who we are

I thought I’d take the time to share who we are and what makes us tick.


Tan that’s me. I’m the Mumma bear of the family, I work doing various jobs and roles at the one workplace and am lucky to have the ability to do some work from home, and work during school hours. My background is in horticulture and more recently training and educating and children services. Growing up my parents took myself and my brother camping often, I tagged along to scout camps as a toddler and have some fantastic memories of travelling and camping. I have a love of camping, Australia and dabble in a bit of cycling.

Stew is the Daddy Bear, he is the calm and quiet member of the family, Tan is the dreamer and Stew is the realist. Stew is an electrician by trade and works hard for the family, he has taken over as the cook of the family and is the brains behind the operation. He is the handyman and the Firestarter. Stew designs adjustments and modifications to our setup and then carries out the work. he is one handy man. Stew didn’t grow up with camping but has certainly taken to it.


Emma is our eldest and is currently studying at Uni which means her semesters often clash with the boys school terms and she joins us for day visits or overnight stays when camping. She also works as a kitchen hand at a local pub so gets to go camping in between shifts and uni. Emma is our dare devil and stunt man, who often comes up worse for wear, if there is an accident camping it normally involves Em. She is our animal lover and nature lover. Emma first experienced camping at 8 weeks old and loves to get away. We are starting to set Em up to camp on her own with her mates as she spreads her wings.


Hamish is our middle child, the eldest boy and currently the tallest in the family. He is the teenager of the family and is certainly letting us know he is a teenage boy. Hamish is the quieter of the crew, he loves to draw and is pretty good at it. He like most boys his age is a keen gamer and gives me the run down of the latest things game related. He is a keen football (soccer) player and is growing in skills and height every year. Hamish is often found reading a book when we go camping , unless he brings his best buddy his dog Crash then he can be found walking him and taking him for a run.


Lachlan is the baby of the family , although he has now reached double digits so doesn’t agree. he is our explorer and nature lover, he is always on the go, when camping he is off exploring and making friends, building cubbies and collecting bottle tops. Lachlan is another keen football player and has recently joined army cadets which he is really enjoying. He absolutely loves camping, hates school and would much rather run around then sit still. He is the worst sleeper . Lachie wants to know how everything works and why ? He questions everything and always keeps us on our toes.

Crash is our dog, he is a Spoodle who thinks he is a human, he loves his brothers and sister and also loves camping, he loves to keep the birds just out of the campsite. He likes to have his own camp chair around the campfire and loves all the walks he gets to go on.

Meka is our newest addition a rescue kitten. She is just about to turn one. Meka gets to come camping and walks on her harness, she is getting used to car rides and the camping life. unlike our older cat Lilly who does some sort of sideways faint when a harness is out on her and is much more comfortable at home.


We are often joined on our adventures by our best friend and family the sarge family and I will cover more of our McSarge adventures in future posts.

So that’s us our crazy crew

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