A train ride in Moonta

The McSarges ( us and our best friends) headed to Moonta to ride the Moonta mine railway with the Sarge family, Poppy and Nanny.

A few things to remember that we found out :

You no longer catch the train from the old train station, it departs opposite the old sweet shop.

The cost at the time was $12 an adult $5 a child and pre-schoolers and pets free. We discovered that there is conflicting information out there, the best site to get information is  http://www.moontatourism.org.au/attractions/tourist-railway


We loaded up in our carts and got ready for our 40 min to 50 min train ride around the historical copper mines of Moonta. Even the Sarges family dog came for the ride

The train driver who is a volunteer gave us loads of information along the way. The kids and adults enjoyed the ride and looking at what remains from the copper mines of 1860, the mines closed down in 1923.


Another highlight for the kids was the toilets at the back of the museum, an old school. The building still has some original cubicles behind bars. Lachlan thought they were jail cells for naughty children. TEMPTING!!

Of course the old sweet shop across the road is a good stop, the original building was a post office. Its a tight squeeze but I think it was worth it to get my favourite rhubarb and custard lollies, although I had to share.

sweet shop.jpg


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