He just loves being outdoors

We Came home from our recent trip to the Yorke Peninsula for 10 days. Lachlan soon sorted out getting his tent sorted out in the backyard. He found this little 2 man tent ditched in a fire pit at Mt Crawford forest and fell in love with it. Recycling at it’s best.

So here we are with a two man tent in the backyard. Each Friday night out he goes to sleep and that’s where he sleeps each weekend while he can.

I asked him why he liked sleeping in the tent so much and his reply was ” because it reminds me of camping and I love it” Perhaps full time camping isn’t such a bad idea after all, especially when he doesn’t sleep walk or wake me in the night.

I’m starting to think this could be his permanent sleeping arrangements, perhaps we could put the tent in his bedroom.

Can you tell after 10 years I’d do anything for him to go to bed at a reasonable hour and to stay there ?



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